Greenwave Capital Management

Greenwave Flagship

Minimum Investment
$ 10,000,000
Management Fee 0.25%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Greenwave employs a discretionary global macro approach with an emphasis on G20 currencies. GCM incorporates a two step investment process. We begin with top down, macroeconomic analysis to determine the fundamental themes in which to engage. The goal is to identify the dominant drivers in the current market environment with a focus on central bank activity, political trends and geopolitical events. From this, GCM develops fundamental themes typically looking six to twelve months forward. In the second step, we employ a multi-layered quantitative process to identify the optimal timing and trade location at which to deploy risk in these themes. While themes are typically six to twelve months in duration, GCM will tactically trade around these core exposures. In addition, we will take shorter term tactical trades based purely on technical analysis when the opportunity presents itself.