Haar Capital Management

Discretionary Commodity Trading Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


HAAR CAPITAL'S APPROACH: In managing the accounts of customers, Haar Capital uses a primarily fundamental strategy although technical analysis may also be employed to help determine specific entry and exit points and the placement of stop-loss orders. The advisor believes that commodity price changes occur due to a combination of changing fundamental factors and short-term noise resulting from normal market volatility. Haar Capital seeks to filter out the short-term noise and profit from longer-term trends. Among the fundamental factors to be analyzed will be product supply and demand outlook, projected carryout stocks as a percentage of consumption, weather developments and forecasts, economic trends, and government policies. Based on his extensive experience in managing commercial and speculative trading positions, and recognizing that future states of the world cannot be known with certainty, the advisor seeks to identify skewed risk-reward opportunities; i.e., situations in which the probability of a large gain is seen as being approximately equal to the probability of a small loss. The advisor may refrain from trading most markets at any given time, based on his assessment of neutral or unattractive risk-reward conditions. In addition to outright long and short positions, trading strategies may include inter and intra-market spread positions and the use of commodity options.