Intercontinental Managed Futures

ICMF Global Momentum Trading Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


New breed of Professional CTA managing the near-term risk in a long-term outlook. 5 years of third-party program testing and infrastructure development came ahead of raising AUM. Stand-alone alternative investment, offering a challenge to limited Option and ETF portfolio insurance. Long or short exposure in-line with global market momentum, with no overnight exposure. Built around changes in Vega (volatility), automatic position adjustments, and risk-to-exit strategies. Conservative research-driven trade team with multiple skill-sets and forward-thinking outlooks. Hourly program reviews, which contain exposure to quick shifts in global market sentiment. Educational program generating daily Client Notes, keeping investors connected to the Manager. Tailored and transparent reporting, with 24/7 client access to their own Managed Futures account. Former Bank of England trader at the helm with over 30 years of global market experience. Business operation built by staff with back office expertise in Fortune 500 companies. Assisting IB’s, Allocators, and Investors in achieving their goals with a loyal and inter-active CTA partner.