Iron Fortress FX USA

Iron Fortress FX USA Low Vol FX Futures Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Our Low Volatility FX Futures Program was specifically designed to appeal to a wide array of investors, offering a much needed alternative in the currency futures arena. This program trades all major currency futures with a focus on position sizing and dynamic risk management to assist in the containment of volatility. It has an annualized objective of 10-20% , a targeted max drawdown of 5-10%, maximum margin usage of 8%, and a minimum account size of 100k (50% notional funding available). The advisor specializes only in currencies, the strategy employed is completely discretionary, combining a technically based trading approach with an extensive overlay of fundamental and correlative analysis to other major markets such as, interest rates, equities, energies, and metals. This combination of analyses allows the advisor to better understand where the best trading opportunities may lie, seeking the lowest risk trades with an acceptable potential reward. The program typically trades only one currency at any given time, with maximum risk per trade capped at 1.5%, stops are used to manage both initial risk and to protect open profits. In times of heightened market volatility, capital preservation is chosen over performance.