K1 Global Fund

Investment Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 0.00%


-Assets under management in � K1 Global Strategy Description: Absolute Return Strategy through a multi-strategy/multi-manager investment approach, realized by a non-directional offshore fund of funds. Our goal is to generate relatively high and consistent returns, while seeking to maintain a relatively low level of risk, as measured by price volatility. The Fund is designed to provide shareholders with equity type returns in positive markets while reducing volatility and preserving capital during periods of market correction. Each potential portfolio manager has to meet not less than 80% of the following, on a rating system based quantitative requirements. The first 3 criteria are counting double: · A minimum of 2 years genuine past trading · A minimum of 80% of the traded months have to close with a gain · Maximum draw down not to be higher than 2 times the average monthly gain · Sharpe Ratio of not less than 1,5 · Correlation to other managers not to be higher than 0.2. · More than $ 100.000.000 AUM · Proof of results through account statements or auditing record The due diligence process focuses on a qualitative analysis of portfolio managers that includes: · Experience of staff · Analysis of the applied computer programs · Operational control and communication · Applied loss limitation methods · References of part taking asset managers, auditors and legal advisers The fund applies the following investment guidelines: - Investment in at least 20 underlying hedge funds . - Maximum 10% exposure to any one fund; - Not more than 25% of the fund's assets in any one strategy. - 50% of investments have at least monthly liquidity.