Minimum Investment
$ 36,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 25.00%


The 3636 DAYTRADING program uses multiple algorithms in several markets as well as using few different time frames in the same market with the objective of utilizing the following methods as seems necessary by market conditions: Counter trend strategies Break out strategies Trend following strategies. The advisor believes that markets go through cycles of low volatility and high volatility, cycles of trending price action and choppy price action as well as cycles of higher volumes compare to lower volumes. Hence the need to incorporate multiple time frames and multiple strategies in an attempt to achieve smoother equity curve and reduce volatility in program performance. Once the algorithm identifies a possible trade, the system generates automated orders and employs another algorithm, this time to enter the market at the best price possible. Once in a trade the system triggers correlated targets, stops and trailing stops if certain profit is achieved. The system ends each day FLAT with no open positions.