Minimum Investment
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 25.00%


The REN 18 program is based on a few different algorithms developed by Ilan Levy-Mayer which is used to identify Intra-Day trends as well as peaks and valleys during the daytrading period, using a mathematical/statistical formula. The advisor has customized different trading templates for the different markets he will trade as he believes that daytrading action in US bonds is quite different than daytrading action in crude oil futures for example. The result was a system created based on the following foundation: 1. Diversification using different markets with different "personalities" offers an edge versus only trading one market. 2. Different indicators will have different results in different markets. 3. The advisor believes that it is possible to identify activity of "heavier volume, larger trades" via mathematical analysis of technical indicators. 4. The markets are an evolving energy and trading systems used must have the ability to adapt and evolve as well. Once the algorithm identifies a possible trade, the system generates automated orders and employs another algorithm, this time to enter the market at the best price possible. Once in a trade the system triggers correlated targets, stops and trailing stops if certain profit is achieved. The system ends each day FLAT with no open positions. The program will look for day-trades in several markets each day in order to have diversification between market segments. The program relies on automatic, software execution in order to make trading more mechanical rather than emotional. The advisor also monitors fundamental data such as economic reports and schedules government data that may affect existing and potential trades.