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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange (“forex”) is substantial.

CTA Introduction

The difference between Longwood Capital Group and other CTAs is that at Longwood Capital we have spent our careers as traders. We understand the underlying principles behind our strategies. We go beyond the statistics, and look at the underlying strategy for its viability not just today but in the future. With over 25 years in the business, we have experience trading in all types of markets. At Longwood Capital we are always available to speak to you about your investment to explain to you the fundamentals behind the trades, and to assess risk as only experienced traders can. <br><br> Reviewing raw numbers is not enough. How is this strategy making money? What are the risks? As long-time options traders, we are able to leverage our experience in order to find opportunities. This knowledge is important because when examining option strategies, it is important to look not just at past performance but to look at how a strategy is making money, and whether what worked yesterday will continue to work in the future. Even if a strategy is currently profitable, it is important to examine risk in a fashion that only an experienced option trader would know. <br><br> At Longwood Capital, we are continuing to do what we have always done — trade options. We are not leaving large firms with abundant resources in an attempt to start a firm from scratch. At Longwood Capital we have always made our own trading decisions. Longwood Capital is using the same resources we have always used to be successful.
Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)
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