M&R Capital, LLC

Livestock Trading Program

Minimum Investment
$ 200,000
Management Fee 0.02%
Performance Fee 0.20%


M&R Capital, LLC, a registered Commodity Trading Advisor since January 2015, primarily trades regulated livestock related futures and options. Trading ideas and execution are initiated by Scott Shepard, the trading principal of M&R Capital. Mr. Shepard focuses primarily on agricultural commodity markets with particular emphasis on the livestock sector, but also trades markets outside of this primary sector. Mr. Shepard uses thorough fundamental analysis to help determine his trading outlook. This includes forecasts of both US and world supply and demand, monitoring the US and world weather, shifts in commodity consumption patterns, political issues, currency relationships and trends, and other market movements. Additionally, Mr. Shepard has developed strong relationships throughout the US livestock industry including relationships with major packers and feedlot operators. This helps provide Mr. Shepard with a unique and in-depth perspective of the livestock markets.