Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


-The program is defensive and then highly opportunistic. We are defensive of capital, trying to avoid sideways markets, but then aim to be aggressive in good moves. This gives us an excellent low co-relation to other managers. It is particularly well suited to clients seeking to diversify away from equity and financial sector exposure and to gain balance from participation in industrial and agricultural commodities. Trading in over 40 non correlated markets and products, from financials through agriculturals, metals, energy and foodstuffs, offers both diversification of risk and maximisation of opportunity plus, in any given year, there is always one sector that is moving strongly whilst many other sectors may be ranging or quiet. We would expect to be taking advantage of whichever sector in which that performance was happening. MFS uses a tested and proven proprietary methodology of pattern recognition, break out, trend following with supporting filter mechanisms, to signal entry and exit points. Filters are used in order to attempt to prevent the system taking sub-optimal signals in non-trending markets. All trades are assumed an equal probability of success, so a constant dollar risk value is attached to every trade before it is entered. The worst allowable loss is calculated before the trade is put on, based on the difference between the entry and worst case exit to give a $ amount. All open positions always have live, working gtc stops for protection. Andy Robertson is the managing director of MFS and 100% shareholder. Since leaving university, he has worked in financial markets from 1982, aged 21. Initially working on the LIFFE floor and then in the dealing room for a major US investment bank as a bond trader, he left the City and began futures trading on his own account in 1989. He has, with breaks, managed his own money and client accounts since this time.