Molinero Capital Management LLP

Briarwood Molinero Combined Futures Program

Minimum Investment
$ 1,500,000
Management Fee 1.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


The Briarwood Molinero Combined Futures Program trades the combination (with equal weights) of the trading models in Briarwood Diversified and in Molinero Global Markets levered at 1.5x. For instance, a $10MM investment in the Combined Futures program would reflect a $7.5MM investment in Briarwood Diversified and another $7.5MM in Molinero Global Markets. The performance displayed in this report is the hypothetical composite track record as if you had invested in both BriarwoodDiversified and MolineroGlobalMarkets as follows 1.5x[50%BriarwoodDiversified+50%MolineroGlobalMarkets].