Mulvaney Capital Management

The Mulvaney Global Markets Fund

Minimum Investment
$ 20,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Mulvaney Capital's systematic long-term trend following program seeks to deliver high absolute returns in rising and falling markets. The program invests in futures contracts linked to a diverse range of commodities and financial assets listed on regulated exchanges around the world. It takes a long term approach to capturing trends in order to reduce the risk of being shaken out by short term price fluctuations. Trading is completely systematic and driven by objective price data. Highlights: (1) Exposure to smaller commodity markets provides broad diversification, (2) Non-correlation to equities and most alternative asset classes, (3) Effective diversification for traditional and alternative portfolios, (4) 19 year track record of profiting in rising and falling markets, (5) consistent, objective and stable investment process.