Minimum Investment
AUD 350,000
Management Fee 2.20%
Performance Fee 22.00%


Founded in 2015 in Australia, Nivin is an alternative investment manager that uses a stringently tested scientific methodology to develop advanced trading and investment systems.

Through statistical analysis and mathematical modelling of historical data, we strive to identify profitable trading opportunities. The instruments traded range from highly liquid index futures contracts traded around the world as well as metals, energies, softs, livestock and grains.

We believe this approach to investment management, can provide genuine diversification benefits which should be the target of any high quality portfolio. Our clients seek an aggressive long-term investment in an alternative asset class which seeks non-correlation to equities and bonds. ​​Our long/short quantitative system seeks to profit from moves either up or down in our chosen markets and provides an investor with potentially very high yields in an otherwise low yield environment.

Nivin offers its services to Wholesale clients, family offices and institutions through a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA).