O'Brien Investment Group

O'Brien Investment Group Discretionary Global Macro Futures Program

Minimum Investment
$ 2,000,000
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 25.00%


The O'Brien Investment Group (OBIG) Discretionary Global Macro Futures Program, managed by Monica Fuentes, Ph.D.  is a discretionary strategy that opportunistically seeks event-driven trades, thematic trades and trades based on valuations relative to the macro environment (relative value). The Portfolio Manager can express the trades across a wide range of financial and commodity futures markets. The portfolio will typically be concentrated in 10 to 20 different positions. Trades are held anywhere from 3 days to 8 months. Event driven trades are usually held for a shorter duration while relative value and thematic trades are held for a longer period. Capital usage is expected to be low at any given time with the average margin to equity in the 10% range.