OptHedge Advisors LLC

Diversified Options & Futures Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


The Trading Program offered by OptHedge Advisors LLC (the Advisor) focuses on identifying markets in which volatility skew opportunities potentially exist whereby the Advisor may attempt to purchase certain option contracts that may be trading at a low level of implied volatility and sell other option contracts that may be trading at a high level of implied volatility for the same underlying futures product. For example, the Advisor may seek to sell call and/or put options for a given futures product at certain selected strike prices and/or expiration months while simultaneously buying call and/or put options for that same futures product at certain selected strike prices and/or expiration months that may be different than for the options that are selected by the Advisor to be sold. Please note that the performance shown for this Trading Program from October 2008 through September 2010 is the proprietary trading performance of the Advisor's sole principal, Coby M. Hyman, and such performance has been pro forma adjusted to account for the maximum management and incentive fees that may be charged by the Advisor. The Advisor began directing client accounts in October 2010. The performance shown starting in October 2010 is the actual trading performance of client accounts trading pursuant to the Trading Program, net of all fees actually charged to such client accounts by the Advisor. The performance shown reflects the weighted average performance of all client accounts that have historically been traded by the Advisor pursuant to the Trading Program and does not reflect the actual performance of any one specific client account. The performance shown only reflects the performance of client accounts that were traded by the Advisor for the entire portion of each month for which performance is shown.