PacificFront Capital, LLC

PFC Futures Trading Program

Minimum Investment
$ 100,000
Management Fee 1.00%
Performance Fee 25.00%


PacificFront Capital's trading program was created to target superior annual return for investors with appropriate risk-return metrics. It serves as an alternative investment vehicle with little to no correlation to major markets and other managers. The program is long/short and trades the most liquid futures markets including stock indices, interest rates, currencies, and major commodity markets. The program utilizes proprietary models to generate trade ideas based on the agreement of price action, specific technical indicators, and fundamentals. The models are geared to direct the manager’s attention to a particular market, but execution is ultimately based on discretion. The program typically holds 1-2 positions at a time with an average holding period of 1 to 8 weeks. Although, there may be periods where no positions are held at all.