Pardo Capital Limited

XT99 Diversified

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Pardo Capital Limited, a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and NFA member, has directed futures investments for private investors, institutional clients and pension funds since 1996. Our re-released XT99 Diversified program builds upon the same proven, proprietary, computerized trading algorithm of PCL’s original XT99 Diversified program of 12 years. The re-released XT99 Diversified extends the benefits of this fully automated algorithm with a number of recent advances resulting from our extensive research and development. Some of the main innovations XT99 Diversified includes are 1) more robust and rigorous algorithms for the selection of trading strategies and model parameters, 2) an enhanced portfolio design process, 3) a more robust and dynamic position weighting algorithm, and 4) a more responsive and efficient algorithm for parameter recalibration to keep pace with changing market states. XT99 Diversified trades a dynamic portfolio of 27 liquid futures markets. One or more markets from each of eight distinct sectors are selected via a proprietary algorithm. The portfolio mix will change from time to time by design. XT99 Diversified employs a proprietary computerized trading algorithm that automatically issues all buys and sells for all strategies and markets. This computerized, rule-based approach to trading eliminates the vagaries of human emotion and judgment. Its trading algorithm has been historically validated and is periodically updated to adapt to ever-changing market regimes with our proprietary methodology Walk-Forward Analysis™.