Parkestone Capital Management, LLC

Collision Methodology

Minimum Investment
$ 90,000
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 25.00%


Collision Methodology® was born from trial and error, attempting to correlate to the Bond Market. In our opinion, it is impossible to make consistent predictions on anything, whether it is real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, etc. However, through 30 years of observation and trading, the discovery that markets have discernible patterns that repeat over and over has been confirmed. This is referred to as “pattern recognition” strategy in the industry. Specifically to the Bond Market, I was able to take 30 years of observation and quantify price movement patterns into buy and sell signals. The “collision” part, or the “collisional” encounter, is the blending of these buy and sell signals with a rigorous risk management overlay. As in physics, the meeting of these two entities exert a force upon the other, causing an exchange of energy or momentum. CM exclusively trades the 10-Year Treasury Futures Market.It is my expert knowledge that has captured these movements into repeatable trade signals. Price movement patterns happen in all markets and the methodology could be applied to other securities. Specifically, it is the 30 years of Bond Market observation that leads us to stick to what we know. In addition, the 10-Year Treasury Bond is the most liquid market in the world, giving piece of mind when entering or exiting this market; there is a liquid market that can be accessed at the most transparent of characteristics and prices.