PGM Asset Management, LLC

Trident Program

Minimum Investment
$ 1,000,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Trident is a short-term systematic trading model that utilizes a technically based multi-factor approach to generating strong risk-adjusted returns under diverse market conditions in global futures markets. The system allocates its risk budget among directional and counter-directional trading components. Trading leverage and entry and exit signals are dynamically determined and adjusted automatically by Trident based on current market volatility and momentum to more closely respond to the existing conditions in each market traded. Risk is strictly monitored, and loss levels per trade are determined pre-entry for an automatic exit. At the same time, profits are allowed to run as Trident dynamically adjusts to protect trade profits as they accrue. The system trades liquid and diversified futures contracts to generate alpha across varying market segments and conditions.

The system trades futures in diverse market segments, including Currencies, Fixed Income, Energy, Precious and Base Metals, Agricultural and Softs Markets.