Pinnacle Quant, LLC

Providence_Emini_Spooz (Proprietary)

Minimum Investment
$ 100,000
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 35.00%


Pinnacle Quant, LLC’s trading strategy is technical in nature. The general trading strategy is trend following, uses statistical analysis of past E-Mini S&P 500 futures price action going back over ten years, checks market internals, and various other indicators to determine trade entries and exits. The model was developed by the Advisor and generates its own entry and exit signals and trade executions. The system trades both sides of the market (long and short). However, the number of long vs. short trades may not be evenly weighted; meaning the Advisor determines which trade direction to emphasize further, bullish (long) or bearish (short). Depending on various factors, the system may be set-up by Advisor to look for more long than short entries, or vice versa. Technical analysis of the markets generally includes a study of, among other things, price fluctuations, volume weighting, as well as support and resistance levels. All trade entries are executed fully automatically. However, trade exits may be discretionary, where the Advisor exits the trade manually, or automated where the Advisor's developed trading system exits the trade.