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CTA Introduction

Protec Energy Partners is a discretionary, diversified energy trading firm aiming to capture higher returns from the energy markets with a low correlation to traditional assets. The Program is characterized by a short-term, buy and hold, low turn-over, reversion-to-the-mean style that sets it apart. This methodology prioritizes capital preservation and seeks to provide returns at a relatively low level of volatility when compared to most other energy strategies.<br><br> Principle Biographies<br> Todd Garner is Co-Founder of Protec Fuel Management and Protec Energy Partners. In addition to overall management responsibilities, Mr. Garner oversees the day-to-day operations and heads the marketing and procurement operations for all energy commodities. He also co-heads risk management, trading, and program development. Mr. Garner has over 25 years of experience in the physical and risk management aspect of the energy industry. Prior to forming Protec Fuel Management in 1999, Mr. Garner held the positions of Director of Trading for Natural Gas, Director of Trading for Refined Products/NGL, and Vice President of Risk Management with The Williams Companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While at Williams, Mr. Garner oversaw the development and implementation of structured risk management and procurement programs for wholesalers, retailers, and pipeline shippers of refined products and natural gas. <br><br> Andrew Greenberg is Co-Founder of Protec Fuel Management and Protect Energy Partners. He heads the risk management, trading, and program development for all energy commodities. In addition to administrative oversight, Mr. Greenberg's responsibilities include trading crude oil, refined products, natural gas, and ethanol derivatives. Mr. Greenberg has over 30 years of experience in the energy industry. Before forming Protec Fuel Management in 1999, Mr. Greenberg was Director of Trading and Marketing for Exco-Intercaptial and Berisford Capital Markets Group, where he directed the physical and financial trading of crude oil, refined fuels, and natural gas. Mr. Greenberg began his career as a grain and precious metals trader and was an NYMEX floor trader/manager of crude oil and refined products for ConAgra's Geldermann.
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Andrew Greenberg
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