Qbasis Invest

Qbasis i Trend Fund

Minimum Investment
EUR 1,000
Management Fee 0.95%
Performance Fee 0.00%


Qbasis i Trend trades a comprehensive set of futures markets spanning commodities, interest rates, stock indices and currencies. i Trend is a combination of 2 proprietary and negatively correlated strategies; MF Trend - Trendfollowing, and an Intraday strategy. The aim of the strategy is to generate asymmetric returns by maximising returns in upward or downward trending markets (MF Trend) whilst exhibiting a high correlation to increasing volatility (Intraday), thus making it an extremely effective portfolio diversification instrument. Additional overlays come in the form of “vol protection” that performs well in periods of declining volatility and a V”-Protection model that mitigates more efficiently against trend breaks (i.e. “V-shaped” whipsaws).