Minimum Investment
$ 600,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Quantum Leap is a swing trading program which can profit from both rising and falling markets by capturing short to medium term trends (5-45 days on average) in over 20 different futures markets. It is a 100% automated strategy that uses proprietary technical trading signals to decide when to enter/exit a trade. Profit targets are not established at the onset of each trade. Rather, when a market has made a significant directional move, an aggressive exit strategy is implemented in an effort to capture a large percentage of open profits. The program has a strict stop-loss rule of a small percentage of equity per trade (typically less than 1% of equity) and is designed to respond quickly to changing market bias from short to long and vice-versa.

The Quantum Leap LV Strategy is basically a de-leveraged version of the original Quantum Leap Program. It was offered to accommodate investors seeking lower volatility.