Red Rock Capital, LLC

Commodity Long-Short

Minimum Investment
$ 500,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Commodity futures regularly exhibit various degrees of disequilibrium as producers, consumers, and speculators attempt to maximize their gains and limit their risks. Tangible / raw / physical commodities are particularly prone to supply & demand shocks as the post Covid-19 era has demonstrated. From time to time these significant flows of capital produce sustained price trends, either up or down. Our Commodity Long-Short strategy is designed to identify these trends and to signal an opportune time to deploy risk capital in an attempt to exploit them for profit. All positions are taken in the direction of the longer-term trend, whether going long or short. The average holding period of a trade is 9 days and historically the strategy has exhibited very low or even negative correlation to stocks, bonds, hedge funds, CTAs, and long-only commodity indexes.