Salida Capital Corp

BTR Global Macro Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 0.00%


-Salida Capital Corp is the exclusive advisor to the BTR group of funds. Salida is an 18 person firm located in Toronto, Canada. Currently, Salida manages approximately USD$600 million for a broadly based institutional and high net worth clientele. The BTR Global Macro Fund represents an evolution of time-tested Global Macro and Trend Following strategies developed by the fundâ??s manager Jason Russell, CFA. Mr. Russell has over 15 years of investment experience with CIBC World Markets, Merrill Lynch and Bankers Trust. The fundâ??s objective is to achieve exceptional absolute returns with low correlation to traditional and alternative asset classes. Suitable investors have a long-term horizon and a willingness to accept short-term volatility. The fundâ??s strategy is designed to mechanically realize gains from price trends in global markets including currency, energy, agricultural, interest rate, metal and equity markets. It does so by systematically responding to market prices, volatility, portfolio risk and select external data by entering, exiting and re-sizing positions within its universe of markets. The strategy employs some truly unique approaches to trend identification and risk management that do not use traditional indicators used by many competing managers.