Sequent Capital

Sequent CTA - Fundamental Diversified (V12)

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Sequent’s objective: The Sequent CTA - Fundamental Diversified (V12) program’s objective is to isolate multiple macroeconomic factors and relationships that drive sustained moves in the global markets, and formulate a systematic FUNDAMENTAL BIAS based on each of them. These FUNDAMENTAL BIASES, combined with “price” and “volatility” data are used to align Sequent’s positions with the most probable moves. The program targets an annualised volatility of 12% with a max daily 95% VAR of 5%.

Sequent’s edge: While some futures traders rely on price data alone to determine the existence of sustained price moves (or trends), Sequent believes that more efficient trend-extraction is possible by using a combination of price data and fundamental data. The models Sequent uses have been developed with sustainability and robustness in mind.