Sequoia Hill Capital Management

SHCM Diversified SST

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


SHCM’s Diversified Swing Strategy Trading (SST) is a multilateral quantitative trading strategy that invests in multiple futures markets over a short-term trading cycle. The program was developed from over 10 years of trading experience, knowledge, and research in the futures market.

Our philosophy is to apply a wide collection of statistical modeling and mathematical formulas to a broad range of global financial and futures markets. SST uses a mixture of both trend and counter trend strategies to capture the ongoing dynamic change in market behavior. After testing and validating SST, we have created a unique trading style that incorporates risk adjusted returns enhancing performance while reducing risk.

Sequoia Hill strives on diversifying portfolios for our investors. Applied across all sectors of the futures market, the SST has been researched and modified to build the utmost diversified portfolio with an array of highly liquid markets. The exposure to the different commodities add value to both individual and institutional portfolios.