Shared Enlightenment, Inc.

CopulaMax NetCreditOps I

Minimum Investment
$ 25,000
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 30.00%


The CopulaMax NetCreditOps I, II, III program series implements primarily options writing strategies and sophisticated trade & risk management methodologies. This program series is traded in a very selective, opportunistic manner, with maximal exploitation of options time decay and positions typically held from a few hours to several months. Gains are correlated with the ability to anticipate favorable directional development of price and volatility. The strategies emphasize selection of deep OTM options strikes, technical as well as fundamental factors and in-house, global research. The CTA strives to comply with a "no naked short options legs held overnight" policy. The number of long options traded outnumbers the number of short options traded but up to a factor of 2:1. The program involves almost exclusive trading of options but occasionally outright futures may be traded, most often due to assignment and/or exercise at or near options expiration days