SkyDelta Capital Management

Delta Trading Program

Minimum Investment
$ 3,000,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Please note that the name of Quantech Fund has been changed to Delta Trading Program.

The Manager will invest the Fund's assets in accordance with its DELTA Trading Program, a proprietary trading program developed and refined by Managing Member, Jang Ho Joo and DELTA Exchange Co., Ltd., a Korea-based company which specializes in developing traderoriented trading software and black-box type trading programs. The objective of the Manager's DELTA Trading Program is to achieve appreciation of the Fund's assets through the speculative trading in commodity interests, mainly futures contracts and related options. The program has the following features :- Multi-Strategy Program. Although the primary strategy of the DELTA Trading Program is trend following, the system also accommodates trend following, anti-trend following, pattern analysis and others. Trading strategies which use correlation between several products are used. Multitime frames for investments are used such as intraday, short-term, mid-term, longterm; but intraday and short-term trading is preferred for less risk exposure and more liquidity. -Diversified. The program tries to take advantage of the potential benefits of diversification by using market diversification (monitoring multiple markets for potential trade opportunities) and system diversification (a trading program which uses multi-factor analysis to guide trade decisions). However, because the Manager acts only on what it believes to be the most attractive trading opportunities, the positions held by the Fund at any given time will not always be diversified.- Risk Management. Effective risk management is a crucial aspect of the DELTA Trading Program. The limits of risk tolerance for each strategy are predefined. Total overnight positions are also limited. The risk of the strategies is measured by various yardsticks with the main standard being maximum drawdown. The leverages of the strategies are different for each product but average margin ratio is about 10% of the Fund. The portfolio of the strategies is composed in order to minimize maximum drawdown of the Fund. Fully automated trading platform is adopted so as to exclude the risk of the Manager's discretion.