Soaring Pelican, LLC

Blended Advantage

Minimum Investment
$ 125,000
Management Fee 1.50%
Performance Fee 20.00%


The Soaring Pelican Blended Advantage Program is a multi-strategy multi-time frame approach designed to capture both intraday and overnight movements in the S&P-500. Blended Advantage is a proprietary and strategic blend of our intraday and multi-day hold strategies and programs. This combination is design to reduce the volatility of returns and to maximize trading opportunities in diverse market environments. Primary to our process is the goal of creating a smooth and steady equity curve with no surprises to clients. We achieve this using profit protection and risk management techniques. Additionally, we have found that by incorporating a variety of non-correlated methods a more robust end result is achievable. We believe that our Blended Advantage Program is our best expression of this ideal.