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-Executive Summary Solaris's objective is to provide sophisticated investors with consistent above-average returns regardless of market conditions while assuming less market risk. Solaris will trade and establish positions in U.S. Equities and Indices and their respective option and futures contracts. Solaris will engage in all and/or any option strategies, position trading, day trading, ratio spreads, inter-market spreads, long and short positions of any and all instruments. Solaris executes traditional delta neutral option strategies that hedge individual underlying positions. Solaris's intent is to achieve better than average market returns through strategies that combine complex equity and Index positions with derivative based investment strategies. Solaris's methodology is to establish equity, option and future positions with low risk/reward percentages. Through the use of options and futures, Solaris is able to offset or hedge a significant amount position risk. Solaris manages positions through constant analysis and the use of derivative strategies that maximizes gains with a limit on loss. The criteria for trades/investments are based on a number of factors that include; price and option dynamics. Pricing is based on theoretical and relative pricing fair value. Option dynamics are based on Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and 18 years of option trading experience. Primarily Solaris's option positions are focused in the near term monthly expiration cycle. This focus enables Solaris to trade the most liquid and efficient markets allowing Solaris to be very flexible and nimble with positions. Through the use of options and futures, the Fund is able to capitalize on shorter timeframes thereby potentially generating profits on a month to month basis while maintaining equity growth over the mid to long-term. At Solaris we look at trading positions as 12 income generating events per year. This methodology requires the Fund to evaluate and reassess our positions on a minute by minute-day to day basis. Solaris Opportunity Offshore Fund offers 18 years of trading experience and implementation of time proven risk management strategies that will consistently achieve positive market returns in any market environment. . Patrick G. Rooney serves as the Managing Member of Solaris Management, LLC, which manages the Solaris Opportunity Offshore Fund. His background as Equity, Options and Future trader spans over 18 years on Wall/LaSalle Street. Through 1985-2000 Patrick G. Rooney and/or Rooney Trading was a member of The Chicago Board of Options Exchange, The Chicago Board of Trade and The Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Beginning in late 1998, Mr. Rooney formed Digital Age Ventures Ltd, a venture capital investment company focusing on information technology, e-commerce, community and Internet services.