Minimum Investment
$ 200,000
Management Fee 1.80%
Performance Fee 20.00%


SWMI currently offers one trading program: the Global Diversified Program. Additional leverage is garnered by taking exposure to multiple units of the Global Diversified Program versus a single unit of the Global Diversified Program. For example, larger capitalized clients along with institutional investors may elect to invest in five unit increments, whereby the Global Diversified Program’s leverage is five (5) times that of a single unit of the Global Diversified Program. History In 1999 Mr. Batla decided to study different time frames as it related to trend following along with volatility and risk reward studies. Upon completion of the research and development of the initial trading system, trading began in September 1999, with some modifications and optimization taking place during this period. Beginning in January 2002, the optimize version of the initial system continued trading investor funds to present. In June 2003, minor changes were made to the system to make it less responsive to short term fluctuations. Also, in an attempt to reduce overall drawdown without significantly impacting the system’s performance, weekly data began to be utilized rather than the customary daily data utilized by most trend following CTAs.