Sparta Administradora de Recursos Ltda.

Sparta Anti-Cíclico Fundo de Investimento Multimercado

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 4.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


The fund employs fundamental analysis to create scenarios for each of the markets it invests, maximizing perceived upside/risk ratio. It trades commodities, stock indexes, currency and interest rates, mainly in Brazil, but also in US exchange-listed derivatives. The fund keeps in its portfolio at least 67% of Ibovespa-listed stocks, which can be hedged with derivatives. The leverage is controlled through risk controls (such as VaR and Stress Testing), and since it offers daily liquidity, positions are based in liquid instruments. The fund is regulated by Brazilian SEC-equivalent (CVM). Returns in USD. Official currency is BRL.Minimum initial investment : BRL 10,000.