Stein Investment Management

Trading Evolution

Minimum Investment
$ 500,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Trading Evolution is a systematic strategy with a discretionary overlay. It currently invests exclusively in S&P 500 index futures (e-mini S&P). The program can be as much profitable in rising stock market as in falling market, because it assumes both long and short positions. The program incorporates more than 50 f rigorously designed and tested independent mechanical trading systems, all of which are proprietary. The decision to take a certain position in the market is based on a bias indicated by these independent systems. The trades are taken only if their possible outcomes meet the strict requirements of the proprietary risk control system. Due to their complex and unique design, the returns of Trading Evolution are uncorrelated with both market indices and with other alternative investments, making it an ideal product to add real diversification to most investor’s portfolios.