Minimum Investment
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 30.00%


Our strategies involves the use of quantitative approach to discern price fluctuation patterns and market direction cycles. These proprietary indicators are automated triggers driven by quantitative mathematical algorithms. The trading systems utilizes a new generation of programming back-testing tools. Our proprietary approach based on compression/decompression techniques, these tools provide speed and quality of execution using real-time tick-price data, The trading system apply intra-day cycles to identify a number of unique chart patterns, and scalping trail profit from the trends. Pre-determined objectives are always established for each position taken, although they may be overridden by mathematical adjustments if the trend in question is not mature enough either in terms of price or time. Similarly, a mature trend, which has not met its objective, may be closed out. Each position usually has at least two objectives, which tends to smooth the volatility of returns.