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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange (“forex”) is substantial.

CTA Introduction

Firm Overview: <p>Sugar Creek Investment Management, LLC (Sugar Creek) is a liquid commodities investment management firm offering a broad suite of alternative investment solutions to high net worth clients, institutions, and family offices. The firm provides a full range of portfolio management and trading advisory services, involving risk, strategy, reporting, marketing, due diligence, and operations. Sugar Creek's core business is offering fundamental commodity trading programs and portfolios to institutional clients. The Sugar Creek Vintage Trading Programs are traded by specialist commodity traders whom Sugar Creek has hired to manage risk/ reward opportunities in their niche focus. Sugar Creek has a deep understanding of its traders need to focus entirely on their market expertise. Sugar Creek believes its comparative advantage is sourcing experienced commodity trading talent and building institutional quality commodity trading products. Sugar Creek manages this by providing risk and portfolio management inputs along with critical operational infrastructure which allows its traders to efficiently leverage their expertise while at the same time provide more opportunities for its investors. </p> <p> Our Investment Management Services: <br> Sugar Creek offers two separate, but related advisory services to clients. The first is Sugar Creek’s Commodity Trading Advisory services, which offers to qualified investors the commodity futures trading programs (the “Programs”). The Programs engage in the speculative trading of futures contracts and options on futures contracts offered on United States and foreign markets. </p> <p> Sugar Creek also offers clients the option of engaging Sugar Creek as a Portfolio Management Advisor to customize a portfolio of trading programs based on an individual client’s desired exposure, risk tolerance, and market participation. Portfolio Management Advisory services are not limited to the trading programs offered by Sugar Creek, and may encompass trading programs of other CTA’s to construct the optimal trading portfolio based on individual client criteria. In addition to custom portfolios, Sugar Creek does offer portfolio’s of trading programs ranging from Agriculture, to Commodity, to Energy and Metals. Please inquire for more details. </p> <p> Our Focus: <br> Sugar Creek aims to offer diversification in discretionary commodity trading styles, market exposures, and time horizons. Sugar Creek allows its traders to express trading opinions utilizing their own unique trading discipline. Sugar Creek Investment Management administers risk controls and monitoring parameters which can be adjusted by sector, market environment, and trader. </p> <p> Our Methodology: <br> Sugar creek believes that successfully managing risk/ reward in the commodity markets should incorporate independent idea generation, multi-strategy and multi-markets in the context of fundamental specialist trading. Through this Sugar Creek is better positioned to deliver uncorrelated and positive return streams to its investors. </p> <p> Sugar Creek managed commodity products are structured to capture positive upside returns while attempting to control downside volatility. Its underlying trading strategies are designed to achieve returns in many different market conditions due to its heavy tilt towards bottom up fundamental supply/ demand based strategies. Factors such as seasonality, weather, foreign trade, relative value and retail price trends create important opportunities for the Sugar Creek traders. </p> <p> Sugar Creek Vintage Trading Programs: <br> The Sugar Creek Vintage Trading Programs (SCVTP's) is a collection of purely fundamental specialist commodity trading strategies traded by industry veterans. Sugar Creek manages this group of specialist commodity trading programs and portfolio's in the commodity markets. The firm’s directors, portfolio manager, and traders all have deep industry-specific experience focused exclusively on their respective commodity and alternative investment asset classes. Sugar Creek’s investment management style focuses on market fundamentals by applying dynamic and practical analysis to identify the most positive risk/ reward opportunities across the agriculture and alternative investment space. </p> <p> The SCVTP's exhibit a heavy tilt towards bottom up fundamental supply/ demand strategies such as seasonal price direction and spread trading. Each program’s fundamental focus will be to exploit short term inefficiencies across term structures and participate in long term directional trends in commodity markets. </p> <p> Each program in the Sugar Creek collection is able to adapt and profit from changes in price behavior across their markets. The SCVTP's can be accessed via separately managed account investments. Investors can access the entire collection or a custom selected suite of programs. </p> <p> Sugar Creek Portfolio Management Advisory: <br> Sugar Creek commodity trading portfolios offers a broader mandate than single strategy, as Sugar Creek commodity trading portfolios allow its specialist traders to express trading opinions utilizing their own unique trading style and information edge. Sugar Creek portfolio management administers risk controls and monitoring parameters adjusted by sector, market environment, and trader.
 </p> <p> All portfolios and individual programs are managed by Sugar Creek Investment Management. The portfolios includes fundamental specialist commodity traders whom Sugar Creek has hired to manage risk/ reward within their market discipline. The portfolio aims to achieve above average risk adjusted returns by diversifying its risk capital allocation based on a combination of strategy techniques, style, timing, & markets. </p> <p> Firm Regulatory, Principal, and Contact Information: <br> Sugar Creek Investment Management, LLC (Sugar Creek), an Delaware Limited Liability Company, became registered with the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a Commodity Trading Advisor in August 2013 and Commodity Pool Operator in August 2014 and is a member of the National Futures Association. The main business address of Sugar Creek is 190 S. LaSalle St., Suite 3000, Chicago, Illinois 60603. Contact: Patrick O'Hern The telephone number is (309) 333-5955. Email: </p> <p> Disclaimer: <br> Sugar Creek Investment Management, LLC is a Member of the National Futures Association and registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator and only provides services to Qualified Eligible Participants (QEPs) as defined in section 4.7 of the Commodity Exchange Act. Sugar Creek Investment Management, LLC accepts no liability for any errors or omissions arising as a result of transmission. Any proposals, offers or other potential terms described or referred to in this message are "subject to contract" and shall not be binding on any member of the Sugar Creek Investment Management, LLC, or any affiliate thereof, unless otherwise expressed and intended or until documented in a written agreement executed by all necessary parties by their duly authorized representative(s). Past performance is not indicative of future results. This report and its contents are proprietary information of Sugar Creek Investment Management, LLC (“Sugar Creek”), and any reproduction of this information, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Sugar Creek is prohibited. Additional information is available from Sugar Creek upon request. Neither, Sugar Creek (“Investment Manager”), its Traders nor any of their respective partners, members, officers, directors, managers or affiliates are acting as your advisor or agent. This document contains certain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including, in particular, those regarding the ability of the Sugar Creek Trading Programs to achieve expected performance targets from its investments and to continue to meet its future operating obligations. Other factors that could cause or contribute to such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the Sugar Creek Trading Programs ability to meet its targeted level of overhead expenditure, changes in general economic and business conditions, unanticipated effects of competition, changes in technology and methods of marketing, and various other factors beyond the control of the Investment Manager. In addition, any forward-looking statements represent our estimates only as of today and should not be relied upon as representing our estimates as of any subsequent date. While we may elect to update forward-looking statements at some point in the future, we specifically disclaim any obligation to do so, even if our estimate changes. </p> <p>ALL RETURNS REPORTED ARE PRO-FORMA BASED ON A 2% MANAGEMENT AND 20% PERFORMANCE FEE SCHEDULE. FUTURES AND OPTIONS TRADING HAS LARGE POTENTIAL REWARDS, BUT ALSO LARGE POTENTIAL RISKS. YOU MUST BE AWARE OF THE RISKS AND BE WILLING TO ACCEPT THEM IN ORDER TO INVEST IN THE FUTURES AND OPTIONS MARKETS AND IN ORDER TO INVEST IN THE COMPANY. DO NOT TRADE OR INVEST WITH MONEY YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE. THIS DOCUMENT AND ITS CONTENTS ARE NEITHER A SOLICITATION NOR AN OFFER TO BUY OR SELL FUTURES, STOCKS OR OPTIONS ON THE FUTURES OR OPTIONS MARKETS. NO REPRESENTATION IS BEING MADE THAT ANY ACCOUNT OR INVESTMENT WILL OR IS LIKELY TO ACHIEVE PROFITS OR LOSSES SIMILAR TO THOSE DISCUSSED IN THIS DOCUMENT (IF ANY). THE PAST PERFORMANCE OF ANY TRADING SYSTEM OR METHODOLOGY IS NOT NECESSARILY INDICATIVE OF FUTURE RESULTS. </p>
Portfolio Manager
Patrick O'Hern
Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)
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