Tanyard Creek Capital

Livestock Program

Minimum Investment
$ 200,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


The trading strategy attempts to identify optimal trading opportunities. The approach is primarily guided by observation of spreads within a particular market. It is the assumption of TCC that, by studying and investing in the spreads between contract months, commodities, and various commodity classes, an investor can earn substantial profits with acceptable risks. TCC believes that the spread markets provide numerous trading opportunities as speculators, hedgers, and commercial interests move commodity positions from one contract month, commodity, or commodity class to another. TCC may refine or change its trading approach (including enhancements or changes to the trading system or deletion of commodity interests traded) at any time without prior notice. The Program’s portfolio is structured to include various outright positions and spread positions. The Program’s return objectives are 25-35% with potential annual drawdowns contained under 15-20%. The average margin-to-equity ratio is approximately 10% - 30%.This Program may trade futures and option contracts in any agricultural market traded on a U.S. Futures exchange. To effectively capture trends over all markets, the Program requires no less than $50,000 for each account and anticipates approximately 2,500 round turns per $1,000,000.