Tejas Advisors LLC

Tejas Advisors

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 30.00%


Tejas Advisors LLC. utilizes a short/ medium term, discretionary, technical/ fundamental strategy to capitalize on directional moves in the Agricultural Commodity futures markets. The strategy is based on experience developed over the last 32 years in the futures industry. The strategy combines this through processing a wealth of fundamental news as well as the technical analysis. We believe our fundamental information in live cattle is second to none. With the addition of technical analysis we feel we have the best opportunity for profitability. Tejas Advisors LLC is a Texas based firm in Amarillo, TX (The heart of cattle country). Mr. Fults has over 20 years of meat/ livestock industry experience. His primary focus is on live cattle fundamentals. Mr. Fults' success is based on having cutting-edge information on live cattle and in owning the live product. He knows how the weather patterns, feed and supply will influence market prices. He has several important relationships from the retail side of the box beef movements to the packer side. Taking this vital information combined with technical's provides Mr. Fults and his team a niche/ edge in the marketplace.