The Barbashop LLC

Trading Program B

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 25.00%


The decision making process of trading for the new program will be the same as The Barbashop Program and The Institutional Program. The most important difference is that Mr. Barba will attempt to take short term profits rather than waiting for longer term profits. Mr. Barba will decide what a short term profit is when he assesses market conditions. Mr. Barba will make some or all of Program 1 & 2’s trades and may also institute other trades. The Trading Program, by focusing on short term trades, is an attempt to reduce the volatility in the client’s account from the other offered programs, while still earning above average returns. Trading Program B:

* $50,000 Minimum Investment.
* 25% Incentive Fee on New Calendar Quarter High Ending Equity.
* Commission Charge per Round Turn.