Third Coast Asset Management LLC

Diversified Spread Program - (Proprietary)

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 1.00%
Performance Fee 28.00%


In the Diversified Spread Program the Advisor utilizes both mathematical models and fundamental analysis to find opportunities in spread markets across different asset classes. By using historical patterns to generate trade ideas while using fundamental and technical analysis to manage risk, the program attempts to generate solid returns with moderate risk. The strategy works towards the concept of market neutrality by avoiding directional risk when possible. The program will trade any asset class but the focus will be on agriculture, energy, and equity futures. Both futures and options on futures on domestic and foreign exchanges will be traded, this includes: agriculture, energy, interest rate, equity index, and foreign exchange contracts. The lack of directional risk often provides low correlation to other investment vehicles in most market regimes. The program can perform well in bull, bear, range bound and volatile market environments providing numerous opportunities in each regime, although, of course, no guarantee can be made that losses will not occur.