Trade Angle Advisors LLC

TAS Auto Trade Program with Options

Minimum Investment
$ 50,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 25.00%


-&The TAS Auto Trade with Options Program uses straight technical analysis with a primary concentration in the application of Auction Market Theory. The core decision making processes are all a focus in volume and volatility analysis. This analysis is all proprietary to TAS. The volatility analysis component allows for a dynamic adjustment in parameters. We believe this method has the potential to be profitable in a variety of market nbsp;&conditions, including rising, falling, and sideways markets. The Program seeks to trade opportunities identified across the Russell, Dow, S&Ps, NASDAQ, Bonds, Gold, and Soybeans. The Program seeks to both minimize costs for the investor while maximizing potential returns. Although the program is systematic by nature, options trading decisions will require the exercise of judgment by the principals to accomplish the longer term goals. As a result, the success of trading depends largely on the trading ability, knowledge, and discretion of Trade Angle Advisors. &