Transtrend B.V.

DTP - Standard Risk (JPY)

Minimum Investment
$ 25,000,000
Management Fee 3.00%
Performance Fee 25.00%


TRANSTREND is a professional asset manager specializing in well-researched trading strategies. The strategies participate in a large variety of futures and forward markets, including stock indices, interest rates, currencies and tangible commodities. The underlying trading strategies are based on in-depth analysis of price behavior by a team of academics since 1987.

TRANSTREND's analytical approach attempts to benefit from categorized price patterns in global futures and forwards markets. With its Diversified Trend Program (DTP) TRANSTREND offers a long/short/neutral approach.

Highly diversified portfolios under the DTP allocate to more than 280 markets. The approach is extremely consistent and disciplined and has demonstrated to be effective since its implementation started in 1991. TRANSTREND currently has approximately USD 2.9 billion (ca. EUR 2.2 billion) under management, including notional funds.