Tucson Asset Management

Macro Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


TAMI's Macro trading program seeks to benefit from long-term moves in a broad basket of worldwide futures and forwards markets. A single, fully systematic model is uniformly applied to all markets traded; however, TAMI's principals on occasion may elect to modify positions in order to manage program risk.

Though the portfolio may change over time, it is anticipated that the program will continually trade in 30-40 markets. The program will always have a position in each market within the portfolio with no long or short bias. The long-term nature of this program results in a low correlation to TAMI's other trading programs.

Position size in the markets traded is derived from TAMI's return and drawdown targets. The Macro program targets an average annual return of 15-25% with annual expected drawdowns of 10-15% and an occasional drawdown of 20-25%.