Waypoint Capital Management

Diversified Futures Program 2XL

Minimum Investment
$ 1,500,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


-Diversified Futures Program2XL.nbsp;Waypointrelies on technical rather than fundamental information as the basis for its trading decisions in the Diversified Program. The primary objective of the trading program is to identify and exploit medium and long-term price trends in futures and currency markets. The program is designed to analyze mathematically recent trading characteristics of each market and compare such characteristics to the historical trading pattern of the particular market. The program utilizes proprietary trend identification and risk management strategies that are intended to enable it to benefit from sustained price trends with the goal of protecting the account from high levels of risk and volatility. Over the course of a long-term trend, times exist when the potential reward of a market appears to be outweighed by the risk. In such circumstances some of Waypoint?s trading programs may exit the position prior to the end of the trend. While the result may be that program is out of the market during a significant portion of a trend, Waypoint expects that the accompanying decrease in volatility of performance is adequate reward. This program is identical to the Diversified Futures Program except that it trades at approximately twice the amount the leverage.This program will have approximately twice the amount of positions as the Diversified Futures Program.&