CHICAGO, Sept. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The Gemini Companies announces that its affiliate, Gemini Alternative Funds, LLC (, has completed a software integration with IASG Alternatives LLC. As part of a strategic relationship, prospective Gemini Alt investors will have access to the IASG Alternatives managed futures database without leaving Gemini Alt’s Galaxy Plus managed account portal. IASG’s database will allow Gemini investors to be able to combine investment choices, adjust notional funding levels, and view correlations between advisors.

“Our strategic relationship combines the broad array of alternative strategies offered through the Gemini Alt managed account platform with the portfolio-building experience and technology of IASG’s managed futures database, and delivers all of them to prospective investors through Gemini Alt’s website,” said Andrew Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of The Gemini Companies. “We look forward to working with IASG to help investors make well-informed alternative investment decisions.”

The relationship will also strengthen the level of information on alternative managers provided for investors and advisors on the Gemini Alt platform, offering descriptive pages for every option with charts, strategy summaries, trade frequencies, traded sectors, and more.

“Proper advisor education can help investors fully optimize the alternative investment choices available to them,” said JonPaul Jonkheer, Executive Vice President of IASG Alternatives. “We are glad to be working with Gemini to empower a greater number of prospective investors who consider investing in alternatives.”

About The Gemini Companies

The Gemini Companies provide investment companies with a single point of access to multiple solutions for pooled investment products. The individual service firms within The Gemini Companies were built on innovation, client partnerships and service, and their teams possess expertise in fund administration, accounting, technology, compliance and reporting.

Gemini Fund Services, LLC helps bring mutual funds to market, providing comprehensive administration, accounting, distribution and transfer agent services. Gemini Hedge Fund Services, LLC provides middle- and back-office administration, real-time portfolio valuations, comprehensive financial reporting and a full spectrum of investor services to help hedge fund managers meet the requirements of investors and regulatory bodies. Gemini Alternative Funds, LLC offers a managed account platform to fund managers to access multiple distribution channels and operational efficiencies, and allow qualified eligible purchasers and accredited investors to select from a variety of alternative investment strategies through a single account.

The Gemini Companies are subsidiaries of NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC, which has more than 750 employees and over $400 billion in assets under management and administration, and TA Associates, a leading global growth private equity firm. For more information, please call (855) 891-0092 or visit

About IASG Alternatives

IASG Alternatives was founded in 2015 by current IASG team members Perry Jonkheer, JonPaul Jonkheer, and portfolio managers Tyler Resch and Greg Taunt. This new company adds to the services provided by Institutional Advisory Services Group (IASG) by offering futures fund and managed account platform products. These offerings will be designed to target the risk tolerance, diversification, and transparency needs of each customer. They offer free portfolio reviews consisting of an initial consultation, research, and evaluation of managers and portfolio design. Daily monitoring and reporting is available on open investments. Through education and proper manager selection, we believe futures are an option that everyone should be knowledgeable about as a potential diversifier for their traditional investments. For more information, please call (312) 561-3145 or visit