Tyler Resch, Author at IASG

Tyler Resch brings over 8 years of experience in broker-assisted trading and portfolio management services to IASG. As a Vice President, he helps both retail and institutional clients build well-balanced, diversified, and non-correlated portfolios of managed futures. His insights into alternative investments and portfolio management have been featured in numerous financial publications, including The Wall Street Journal, CTA Intelligence, and Commodities Now.

Before joining IASG, Tyler was a Commodity Trader at Lind-Waldock. As part of a team of 4 traders, he was responsible for trading liquid contracts on a discretionary basis using both fundamental and technical analysis. Prior to that, he was an executive at Asset Forum, where he determined international corporations’ current and future asset needs using a live auction system.

Tyler attended Arizona State University studying economics. He is licensed and registered as a Series 3 Commodity Broker, a Series 34 Forex Broker, and a Series 7, Series 63, and Series 24 Securities Licenses.

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Managed Futures Education Resources

Peering Over the Fiscal Cliff

by Tyler Resch, Portfolio Manager, IASG As we go into the final few months of the year, we are more and more concerned with how we position ourselves going into 2013. A term I am hearing more often from concerned investors is the looming “fiscal cliff.” This “fiscal cliff” they are referring to is the […]

Advisor Commentary

Was August the Calm Before the Storm?

Historically the summer markets coincide with tight ranges and low volume. Trends seem to dry up, markets trade in tight ranges, and short-term opportunities can be rare. For instance, the past 30-day range in the SP 500 has been the tightest range since 1995. That particular market led to a 180% rally in the stock market over the […]

Economics Managed Futures Education Resources

All Eyes on the Fed

The world reacted very negatively on Thursday to the idea of a post-quantative easing economy. The oddest thing about the reaction to the Fed announcement was that not only did the stock market plummet but nearly all of the commodity markets fell just as aggressively despite the US Dollar strengthening. The big question now is whether or not the talk of tapering will effectively end the bull run of 2013, and where we go from here. With the market off the highs, sideways over the past few weeks, then sharply lower, it really is an interesting and difficult situation. The market showed us all how weak its legs really are.

Managed Futures Education

Tools for Success

by Tyler Resch, Portfolio Manager, IASG A common theme among my prior newsletters and something I am constantly discussing with my clients is the need for diversification in your managed futures portfolio. There is substantial uncertainty in the market right now and although the Presidential election is behind us, investors seem to have as many […]