Managed Futures Education

  • 5 Things You Should Know About Managed Futures

    Many Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) will allow you to use U.S. government securities as collateral in your futures account. Some FCMs will even accept municipal bonds, foreign currencies, and for... Read More

  • Managed Futures: Portfolio Diversification Opportunities

    WHAT ARE MANAGED FUTURES? The term managed futures describes a diverse subset of active hedge fund strategies that trade liquid, transparent, centrally-cleared exchange-traded products, and deep in... Read More

  • Overlaying Strategies in Managed Futures: Does it Help an Investor?

    Discussing this topic of overlaying strategies really gets to the heart of one question that keeps reappearing, “why are CTAs non-correlated to equities?” This is a very simple question to ask and is ... Read More

  • 10 Reasons to Consider Adding Managed Futures to Your Portfolio

    Managed Futures are an alternative asset class that has achieved strong performance in both up and down markets, exhibiting low correlation to traditional asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, cash an... Read More

  • Peering Over the Fiscal Cliff

    by Tyler Resch, Portfolio Manager, IASG Posted October 18th, 2012 As we go into the final few months of the year we are more and more concerned with how we position ourselves going into 2013. ... Read More

  • Definitions and Formulas

    Arbitrage: There are a number of sub-strategies that fall under arbitrage. The most prevalent in the managed futures industry is statistical arbitrage. A simple example of this is simultaneously bu... Read More

  • Scrooge: The Real Story

    With apologies to Dickens, we believe we now know the answer.... Read More

  • Alternative Investments

    An alternative investment is an investment product other than traditional investments such as stocks, bonds or cash. Most alternative investment assets are held by institutional investors or accredit... Read More

  • The Danger of Complacency

    By Greg Taunt, Portfolio Manager, IASG Posted November 3, 2013 The stock market just hit an all time high and real estate values continue rising rapidly. Investors could not be happier. The ... Read More

  • Reality Check

    By Bryen Deutsch, Portfolio Manager, IASG Posted May 21, 2013 Farmers will tell you that “rain makes grain”. That often holds true, unless the rain is accompanied with winter like tempe... Read More