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Come check out our new features!  With a site used by thousands over its 25-year history, IASG works very hard to make sure we stay relevant with updated features and the most free information available in our space. Our industry leading database is used by the largest fund managers all the way down to the […]

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Advisor Commentary

Greatest Sale Ending

The greatest sale on IASG is coming to an end as Adalpha Asset Management is changing their fee structure for new investors from 0/30 management and incentive fee to 1/20 effective January 1st, 2021. Gary Polony quietly traded this program since 2003 alongside his proprietary business before customer assets took off in mid-2019.  Despite spending immense […]

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Advisor Commentary

GZC Strategic Commodities Fund October 2021 Report

October was generally a strong month across the oil complex. Yet during that period gas and coal prices more or less halved. The interaction between fossil fuels continues with European gas prices ending their free fall at levels where oil prices were no longer competitive at substituting it. Spot crude oil balance tightness remained relatively […]

Advisor Commentary

Warrington October 2021 Market Update

Commentary provided by Mark Adams of Warrington Asset Management After a choppy start to the month for the S&P 500 Index (“S&P”), the release of positive earnings reports sent the markets into an unabated upward trajectory with the indices quickly reaching new all-time highs. These strong gains were in the face of continued supply chain disruptions, […]

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Advisor Commentary

AG Capital October 2021 Investor Update

Commentary by AG Capital Management Partners, LP The Discretionary Global Macro Program generated a -3.7% return, net of fees, in October 2021, leaving YTD performance at -9.8%. The “big picture” letter We’ve had a tough year. Although our drawdown and performance are completely in line with what we would expect to see during tough patches (and […]

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Volt Capital Management October 2021 Commentary

Commentary provided by Volt Capital Management The global economy has progressed from a stimulus-driven recovery to a ‘real’ demand-driven recovery. We note that the economic growth has overcome both the (expected) stimulus reduction and the global supply chain constraints (e.g., shipping, semiconductors). Equity markets reacted predictably to the strength of the economy and reached new all-time […]

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Advisor Commentary

October 2021 Market Letter

Commentary provided by Chad Burlet of Third Street AG Investments The line of dominoes known as supply chain disruptions finally reached the energy markets, causing coal, European natural gas, and crude oil prices to spike. West Texas Intermediate crude traded to new seven-year highs and crude oil futures ended the month up 11%. Those moves helped drive […]

Advisor Commentary

Sector Arc 2021 Q4 Newsletter

Commentary by Ben Johnson of Sector Arc Advisors Below are areas we highlighted in our Outlook for 2021. “Going into 2021, we have optimism that the pandemic will subside in the first half of the year, opening up our economy, travel, and food service/restaurants. The meat packing industry will need to adjust again, moving away […]

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Advisor Commentary

Schindler Capital Management 2021 Q3 Newsletter

Commentary by Dan Schindler of Schindler Capital  A 3.48% gain during the month of September helped the Dairy Advantage Program improve to -10.47% YTD ROR at the end of Q3, compared to -13.96% at the end of Q2. And October has started with a bang, adding another 3.32% as of 10/14, bringing the YTD ROR […]

Advisor Commentary

AG Capital September 2021 Investor Update

Commentary by AG Capital Management Partners, LP The Discretionary Global Macro Program generated a -4.1% return, net of fees, in September 2021, leaving YTD performance at -6.3%. An Asian Inflection … Newspaper headlines screamed that the ongoing collapse of Evergrande–China’s largest real estate developer with over $300 billion in debt–is the country’s “Lehman” moment. The […]

Advisor Commentary

Numberline Capital Partners Performance Report and Market Summary

Commentary by John Knott of Numberline Capital Partners. The Numberline Macro Risk Program was down .35% net of all fees for the month of September and is up 25.09% year to date. Additionally, the program has returned 25.32% over the previous 12 months. These numbers are compiled by Turnkey Trading Partners. Last month we left off feeling a […]

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Alternative Investment Strategy

How to Build a Sustainable Investment Portfolio

In recent years, sustainability has moved from the financial sector’s periphery to the mainstream, and the industry has increasingly embraced a transition to a more sustainable and inclusive economic model. This in turn has made ESG investing is a hot topic right now.  Environmental, social, and governance programs look at not only financial factors for […]

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Advisor Commentary

September 2021 Market Letter

Commentary provided by Chad Burlet of Third Street AG Investments Over the past several years the USDA’s September stocks report has earned the reputation of being one of the most volatile of the year, and this year’s report did not disappoint. November soybean futures had a 50 cent trading range in the 29-1/2 days leading up to […]

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