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Which Kind of Trading is Best: Systematic or Discretionary?

by Andreas DiessbacherWhite River Group CTA Instead of looking forward through the windshield, would you steer your car along the highway by only looking through your rear view mirror? Of course not. But, in my opinion, that’s what you’re doing when you rely entirely on systematic trading to decide which commodity futures and options to […]

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Gold Spotlight: Cervino Capital Management LLC Gold Covered Call Writing Program

In 1971 President Nixon imposed a 90-day wage and price control program and other various expansionary fiscal policies in what became known as the “Nixon Shock”. More importantly, Nixon closed the gold window to prevent foreign governments that had been holding dollar-denominated financial assets from demanding gold in exchange for their dollars. By January 1976 […]

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5 Things You Should Know About Managed Futures

1. You can use bonds as collateral in your futures account.Many Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) will allow you to use U.S. government securities as collateral in your futures account. Some FCMs will even accept municipal bonds, foreign currencies, and foreign sovereign debt. However, it is important to note that a “haircut” will be taken on […]

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