Bryen Deutsch, Author at IASG

Bryen Deutsch joined IASG in 2012. He currently serves in the role of Managing Director - CTA Services. This role focuses on the development of emerging and established CTAs.

Previously Bryen was a Commodities Portfolio Manager and Vice President of the Maryland office. In this role, he assists clients with alternative investment portfolio design, oversight, and trade management.

Before IASG, Bryen was an energy trader and head of business development for the Schork Group, where he provided market support for institutions such as BP, Deutsche Bank, and Walmart. Prior to that, he spent over 13 years trading grain and energy futures contracts as an Associated Person (AP) for Lehigh Valley Futures. Bryen is a contributor to, Inside Futures, and other commodities publications. He has also offered his industry insights as a guest speaker at events such as the NYC Traders Expo.

Bryen holds a B.A. in Communications and Marketing from the University of Colorado, and an M.A. in Conflict Resolution from Salisbury University. Bryen is licensed and registered as a Series 3 commodities broker and Series 30 Branch Manager.

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Alternative Investment Strategy Commodities

Bulls Being Lured in With Dropping Rig Counts

CNBC is running out of credible, bullish analysts on the oil complex. The calls for $65+ WTI seem relatively sparse. Is anybody in their right mind still thinking crude oil is going higher? Of course. We all know Keynes’ saying, “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” But seriously, how much […]


Crude Bulls Running Out of Steam?

Crude bulls posted a new yearly high on Friday as WTI rocketed higher in the previous two sessions after Wednesday’s more bullish-than-expected DOE inventory release. More bullish?? Or less bearish might be more like it. Since making multi-year lows on March 18, WTI crude has seen a healthy 42% rebound. Likewise, Brent crude has rallied […]

Managed Futures Education

A Managed Futures Account vs. a Managed Futures Fund

When looking at a managed futures investment, a primary consideration should be whether a CTA’s program is offered as a fund product or a single managed account. When investing in a fund, an investor subscribes to the fund and invests the minimum capital requirement or more. Here, the investor pools their assets with other investors […]

Alternative Investment Strategy

Oil DOE Preview: Saudi Royal Family Plays Games?

At 10:06 EST Tuesday, news broke from Dubai-based Al Arabiya that the Iranians had sieged a US cargo vessel in the Gulf. Brent and WTI spiked within minutes as the algos went wild. However, both markets failed to breach yesterday’s high. Within an hour, the market erased these gains as it turned out this was […]

Commodities Managed Futures

Energies: Outlook for the Upcoming Week

Friday’s choppy action was unsurprising as the refined products exhausted themselves on Wednesday and Thursday. After a quiet start to the week, RBOB gasoline shot up 13 cents and up HO 10 cents while Brent Crude popped $4. Interestingly, June WTI closed DOWN for the week as we saw the June Brent/WTI spreads widen to over $8. Last […]